In the memory of Lissa


Hello 🙂

My name is Ioana, I live with my husband and son in Nørre Søby 5792 (Denmark). We have a big house with a big garden where our dogs can freely play. The reason why we choose to have and breed havaneses is first of all because I am in love with them. Back in my home country, many years ago, I got a havanese dog, called Lissa, whom I loved from all my heart. She was my everything! Unfortunatelly, she died on July 2015, at the age of 12 years old. But I have never forgotten Lissa, therefore in her memory, I decided to continue my life with havaneses being part of it. They are just amazing! They are very intelligent, easy to train, loving and loyal. However, they need alot of time and attention. They love to be cuddled and they will do anything to satisfy their owners. They make your days alot more beautiful. They do not fade so they are alergy-friendly dogs.  

We care and seek high standards of health therefore our dogs are regularly checked. The dogs are registred at Dansk Kennel Klub, they have been to exhibitions and have obtained very good results. I am also educated as "DKK opdrætter".

I put all my energy and time to achieve high standards of health and great temper! Our puppies are very well socialised before they leave home. I carefully select our future puppies' owners, so that I am sure they get all what it is needed for a healthy & happy life.     

With all my love,

Ioana Balteanu