The Havanese is a toy dog. It is smart and can be easily trained. It is best to train this dog at a young age, because some habits will stick as they become older. However, training these dogs while they are older is still possible. Like many toy breeds, the Havanese can be difficult to housebreak. However, Havanese can be trained to use a litter box, which can greatly reduce issues with housebreaking. This breed is very smart and can be house trained faster than most toy dogs. The Havanese get very attached and are very loyal to their owners, and often attach to one person which they will closely follow. As a result, the Havanese does not do well in a household where it will be left alone all day. Although the Havanese is an active and lively dog, they are small enough that many of their exercise needs can be met in a house or yard, and therefore they do not require as much vigorous exercise as other breeds may. However, exercise is still necessary for this breed to be happy and healthy.

The Havanese is satisfied when their owner is satisfied. They are very friendly dogs, and do not typically bark at strangers, but some individuals are more shy than others. The Havanese has a great personality and temperament, and loves to play outside and be around people.They are not a dog that can live exclusively outside and prefer being inside with their owner. They love to perform in front of others and have a great need for affection. This breed is not afraid to show affection and loves getting attention - they are great with people of all ages, always enjoyable, and can thrive in any type of home (big or small).

With all my LOVE,

Ioana Balteanu