Here you are welcome to look at our current & planned litters, their parents & photos of the puppies. 🙂

The little ones are lovingly raised in the middle of our three-headed family in the living room and garden🙂Our puppies are optimally socialized by us from the beginning and are used to children and normal everyday noises (vacuum cleaners, TV ...) It is particularly important to us that the little ones are confronted with many impressions and noises right from the beginning, because they are in the socialization phase form the important neural connections in the puppy's brain that are important for later adaptation to the environment, and we see it as a duty to give the puppy the best possible start❤.  As a hobby breeder, we make sure that the puppies grow up in the family. We have a maximum of 1 litter/female a year, which makes it special for us. The dog mom lovingly raises the puppies together with us.

At delivery, the puppies are: - vaccinated according to the age - dewormed 2 times - microchipped, health attest from the doctor, DKK stamtavle, DKK købsaftale and a puppybox from us. The starter package includes: - Food, toys, blanket and treats. You are welcome to meet our little heartbreakers without any obligation.

Navigate through the menu (Litter A, B, C and D) to find out more information about each litter of puppies. You have to press on the "LITTER" (not on picture but the text) to enter to a specific litter.




Next litters:

Lady - We decided that Lady will no longer have puppies. She will just enjoy her pensionist life :)

Elly ( Elegance ) - End of August 2021


 PLEASE NOTE: I am reciving a lot of e-mails every day with regards to our future litters (which i thank you for that) but unfortunatelly i cannot answer to all of them. We have no waiting list, and no other planned litters than the ones written above. 

We will announce it here on our website when we start to select the new families for our lovely puppies. But after the puppies will be born.



With love for havaneses,


Med venlig hilsen

Ioana Balteanu