Enya De Kiraya's Joy

She is currently pensionist and will not have more puppies.

My name is               Enya De Kiraya's Joy

Reg.nr.                        DK15709/2015

Race:                           Bichon havanais

Date of birth:           08.11.2014

Place of birth:          Romania

Patella Luxation:    0

Eyes:                           Clear  

Exhibitions:             Excellent

Litters:                       4 (last litter in April, 2019)

Height:                     26 cm

Weight:                     6,5 kg

Ilkey Moor Irish Coffee

Enya`s father:      Ilkey Moor Irish Coffee

Reg.nr. :                   COR 8-10/250

Date of birth:        02.01.2010

Patella Luxation: 0

Eyes:                         Clear

Abrienda De Kiraya's Joy

Enya`s mother:   Abrienda De Kiraya's Joy

Reg.nr. :                   COR 13-10/250

Date of birth:        31.05.2010

Patella Luxation: 0

Eyes:                         Clear

  • Don Diego De Moncada ÖHZB HAV/242

    Grandfather: 07.04.2007

  • Ilkley Moor Oriental Puppy ÖHZB HAV/85


  • Velvet Story Johnny Walker ÖHZB/HAV 327


  • My Love Tiffany COR 9-10/250


Pedigree (stamtavle)

With all my LOVE,

Ioana Balteanu